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How-to: Gas Welding Vertical & Overhead Beads

by Moses Ludel
‘How-to’ Welding Class: Gas Weld Vertical and Overhead Beads!

This HD video covers vertical and overhead welding in the gas oxygen-acetylene welding process. See the welding process with comments in real time!

(If you have enough bandwidth, the video is viewable in 1080P and full-screen mode.)

Vertical down bead in gas welding process

  All-position welding is an essential skill for weldors. Overhead and vertical welds must take the same form and have the same quality and strength as simpler “down hand” or “up hand” flat plate beads.

     For the automotive or 4×4 fabrication shop, all position welds include motor-to-frame mounts and cross members. Chassis and sheet metal repairs often require vertical or overhead approaches. Trail repairs involve all position welding, too.

Horizontal overhead gas welding bead with filler

Here is a horizontal bead run at an overhead angle. Note the position of the gas welding torch. Tip is a #2 for this 16-gauge sheet metal, the filler rod is ER70-S2 in 1/16″ diameter. Strength and bead pentration are comparable to any other weld. See the HD video for details!

There are six demonstration videos and practice exercises in this section. You will find a variety of gas welding and brazing articles and HD videos throughout the ‘How-to: Welding Class’ Series!


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