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Monitor Cleaning with Shurhold Serious Shine and MicroFiber Towels

by Moses Ludel

Our 49″ video editing monitor accumulates dust—and plenty of it! The 494K Crossover monitor is a valued, critical piece of equipment, and the screen requires special care. To clean the screen properly and establish an anti-static surface, we turned to Shurhold® Industries’ MicroFiber Towels and Serious Shine detailing cleaner.  This “kit” features three towels: Super Soft for polish and shining; X-Tra Strong for wash and clean; and Lint Free for glass and mirrors, including surfaces like our monitor. The specially formulated cleaner leaves an anti-static, UV resistant barrier.

A 49″ (diagonal) video monitor is practical for 4K level video editing.  Video production involves high resolution and detail, and this oversized monitor delivers 4K definition. Color gradation and bringing up tones is much easier, and the preview monitor, a small area of this screen would be difficult to review on a smaller monitor.  Keeping the screen clean and dust-resistant brought us to the Shurhold® Industries ‘Serious Shine’ Cleaner Kit with MicroFiber Towels.  A UHD/LED 3840×2160 4K 60Hz monitor, the 494K Crossover is not a “television”.  Sourced through Amazon.com and shipped from Seoul, Korea, the magazine’s Crossover 494K monitor has delivered exceptional service for over two years now.

Monitor details and specifications:  Crossover 494K IPS UHD LED 49-inch UHD Computer Monitor 3840×2160 4K 60Hz UHD AH-IPS panel Dual DP, MHL Dual HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 4:4:4 sampling…No “bad pixels” upon arrival or during service life to this point; the unit arrived in less than a week from overseas—fully intact.  Would purchase this monitor again if available.  Price through Amazon, including shipping, was $991 (U.S.) in August 2015. 

Applied to this valuable monitor screen, the Shurhold® Clean-N-Shine Serious Shine spray did not harm the monitor’s surface.  The cleaning kit and microfiber towels work well, whether with our large monitor or down to the smaller Lilliput video filming monitor (at right).  The Super Soft and Lint Free microfiber towels absorb dust gently.  (For the Crossover and Lilliput video filming monitors, we use the Super Soft and Lint Free towels furnished in the kit.)  The cloth absorbs the dust and does not rub it into the delicate monitor face.  These microfiber towels are washable and readily reusable.

Shurhold® offers a full line of cleaning solutions.  One of our favorites is the “Bucket Seat” auto detailing pail with inner carry tray and filter/grate.  The principle is innovative:  dirt and abrasive debris settle to the bottom of the pail through the porous tool tray and grate.  The soapy water lasts much longer, and harmful abrasives are far less likely to remain suspended in the washing solution.  Ingenious and practical!

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