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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Honda XR650R How-to: Installing Acerbis Sahara 6.3 Gallon Fuel Tank

by Moses Ludel
Honda XR650R How-to: Acerbis Sahara 6.3 Gallon Fuel Tank Install!

The Honda XR650R is a rugged equipment package for desert enduro riding. By contemporary standards, however, 300 pounds “wet” is considered heavy, even for the repeated winner of Baja 1000 Races. One weight-saving attempt was the factory 2.6 gallon fuel tank, which is simply too small for dual-sport riding or the magazine’s video filming platform! On the advice of Just Gas Tanks, the Acerbis Sahara 6.3 gallon replacement tank became our solution. In this detailed how-to HD video, see the installation of this large capacity aftermarket tank on our Honda XR650R motorcycle!

Stock XR650R fuel tank
Honda XR650R now ready for long distance riding with Acerbis 6.3 gallon Sahara fuel tank!

At left, our XR650R motorcycle after the installation of TCI racks and skid plate plus Nelson-Rigg bags. At right, the Acerbis Sahara 6.3 gallon fuel tank extends our filming and riding range by 2-1/2 times!

Acerbis Sahara tank with installation kit
Removing original tank parts for reuse

The Sahara fuel tank comes with an installation parts kit. Included are quality lower brackets, two fuel petcocks and mounting hardware. The dual petcocks mount low on each side, a major gain over single-side fuel systems with a crossover hose. Even with a low fuel supply, we can keep the bike upright. There’s no need to lay the cycle over to slosh fuel into the pickup side of the tank! At right, some original tank parts get reused, including the rear strap locating stud. Removal with an impact driver and sharp hammer whack preserves the Phillips head in the screw.

Fitting lower brackets on Acerbis Sahara tank
Gap between bracket and radiator tank

Making sure that the brackets clear the radiator tanks will eliminate the risk of chafing or puncturing the radiator tanks “a hundred miles from nowhere!”. That is our motto for this machine, which gets ridden to remote single-track and two-track locales.

Fuel lines,clamps and
Fuel lines must avoid the engine and exhaust system

While Acerbis supplies quality plastic fuel line and a nylon “Y”, we opted for high-grade rubber braid fuel hose with Euro style fuel injection hose clamps at the petcocks. Every inch of hose has been carefully routed to avoid hot engine and exhaust components, sharp and abrasive edges and any wear points. A brass “T” replaces the nylon “Y”.

Full bags and video gear on board!
At the pump and filling the nearly 7-gallon capacity tank!

Fuel capacity is crucial for a motorcycle that chases motorsports races, other dirt motorcycles and four-wheelers. At left, the bike gets packed and loaded with gear, the monopod will be strapped onto the bags. Fuel capacity now approaches 7 gallons, good for a highway range of well over 200 miles at any load and pace, 260-plus miles when riding empty and under lighter throttle. Reserve positions on the two petcocks provide a safety margin.

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