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Join Moses Ludel at “Road Ready!”

by Moses Ludel
Road Ready Season One began March 1, 2022 at YouTube. Join us and subscribe at https://youtube.com/@roadreadywithmosesludel.

“Road Ready!” with Moses Ludel now live at YouTube!

Since 2010, 4WD Mechanix Magazine has delivered technical how-to, travel and event HD video coverage and articles. 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums continues to provide in depth ‘Q&A’ with a substantial information and data archive….The “Road Ready!” channel at YouTube now takes viewers into Moses Ludel’s busy shop studio and along on travels!

See the “Road Ready!” Introduction and all available Episodes at the Road Ready With Moses Ludel Channel Playlist!

Preventive maintenance and service launched Moses Ludel’s career as a professional light- and medium-duty truck fleet mechanic in the late ‘sixties. Moses was personally responsible for 22 vehicles and construction equipment that kept a Southern California general hospital running…The time honored strategy of preventive care keeps vehicles safer, more reliable and fuel efficient.

Moses Ludel’s automotive professional skills span from the late ‘sixties to today’s advanced oscilloscope diagnostics and troubleshooting. You will improve your mechanical and welding skills as Moses applies his years of adult education level instructing experience to enhancing ‘DIY’ and independent shop work. Preventive maintenance is essential for reliable professional level automotive service. “Road Ready!” shares every aspect of automotive service work—from routine service and tuning to major mechanical restoration and rebuilding.

“Road Ready!” with Moses Ludel will help you professionalize mechanical work, make better new and preowned vehicle choices, pick cost-effective, functional tools and buy the right parts. You can improve your welding and fabrication skills, perform reliable tune-ups, diagnose powertrain, chassis and axle troubles and troubleshoot safety issues. Moses demonstrates professional grade engine and transmission rebuilding, steering system and brake work, axle rebuilding, suspension upgrades plus hands-on wheel and tire service.

Whether you braze, hard solder or use a stick, MIG or TIG welder, you can benefit from Moses’ decades of restoration, metal fabrication and engine conversions for magazine feature vehicles and his Bentley Publishers book projects. The Jeep® book, Ford F-truck book and GMC/Chevrolet truck book each earned vehicle manufacturers’ endorsements and respective Mopar™, Ford SVO and GM Motorsports official part numbers. Above, Moses restores a vintage cast iron tractor axle. The project took him under his welding hood for four days of TIG process.
During the summer of 1967, Moses was on the Rubicon Trail for the first time in a stone stock 1964 CJ-5 Jeep®. He has since taken many trips over Sierra, Moab and Colorado 4×4 trails, serving as a guide on behalf of Tread Lightly, GMC Truck, Chevrolet/Geo, Subaru and Mercedes-Benz during the ML320 launch.

The “Road Ready!” episodes will include interviews with professionals and experts, a look at off-road racing, an eye on automotive industry trends, down to earth consumer questions and how best to choose and maintain motor vehicles. Upgrades, restoration work, sensible modifications—the “why” of chassis and powertrain changes—each make us “Road Ready!”—and trail ready.

Moses participated on the U.S.A./U.K. Team in the 1996 Land Rover TreK Event. The trophy winning team included Sue Mead (U.S.A.) and Nick Dimbleby (U.K.). At bottom is the winching and recovery competition that followed a cross country compass exercise on foot at predawn, all-terrain bicycling in Georgia clay mud, canoeing, a ropes exercise and slalom four-wheeling in the mud. The event, dubbed a “mini-Camel Trophy”, presented hour after hour of physical challenges coupled with driving skill.

Enjoy ‘Road Ready!” and join Moses Ludel for hands-on mechanical work, welding, event coverage, topical discussions, backcountry driving tips and interviews with experts…Playlists for each Season’s Episodes make navigation easy…Subscribe now at YouTube!

Note: Moses Ludel has been a journey level automotive mechanic and weldor, a career automotive journalist, bestselling book author, videographer and publisher at the popular 4WD Mechanix Magazine. Moses spent years as an adult education level instructor of Automotive/Diesel Technology and Welding. He has been a 4×4 trail guide, industry consultant and past Tread Lightly! board member.

For direct access to “Road Ready!” with Moses Ludel at YouTube, bookmark this link:


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