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Road and Trail Ready Courses, Guides and eBooks Available at Teachable

by Moses Ludel
Moses Ludel returns to the “classroom”! Teachable provides a platform for HD video Courses, digital download guides, eBooks and other learning tools. Courses and guides serve students with busy lives. At your own pace, you can learn automotive, motorcycle, welding, RV trailering and off-roading skills! Courses focus on manageable, niche subjects and can be “bundled” to make a full program.

Moses Ludel’s Automotive and Welding Courses at Teachable…

Many of us either do our own automotive work or want to do our own work. YouTube can help with brief ‘DIY’ repair tasks. What’s missing at YouTube is step-by-step training to understand automotive or motorcycle mechanics. Becoming a well rounded technician requires critical thinking, quality instruction and hands-on experience. In each of my seven Bentley Publishers books, the aim has been helping readers “think like a mechanic”—whether they perform their own work or not.

Two years as an Automotive and Welding instructor at the San Diego Job Corps (1982-83) and five years (1999-2004) with the Rite of Passage program were highly rewarding. At Rite of Passage (R.O.P.), my role began as an Automotive Technology instructor and advanced to Director of Vocational Training over five campuses. I served as the SkillsUSA-VICA Administrator and Tech Prep Board Member at Western Nevada Community College (now WNC). The aim was job-ready instruction. The R.O.P. program’s urgency encouraged fast track instructing methods and curriculum that prepared students for trade job roles.
Moses Ludel

Automotive, Motorcycle, RV Trailer and Welding Courses

After half a century as a professional mechanic (“technician” if you prefer), seven years of classroom and shop floor instructing, thirteen years of how-to video production and a decade of answering daily forum exchanges, I have partnered with Teachable. Using HD video and digital download training materials, Road and Trail Ready provides Automotive, Motorcycle, RV Trailer and Welding courses. The Teachable platform is ideal for students who are busy with family life and careers. Road and Trail Ready courses are self-paced, and Teachable is available 24/7. Students learn on their own timeline with unlimited access to a course’s training materials. I want students to absorb the content, practice the how-to steps until proficient and steadily move up the learning curve. Each step in this process broadens a student’s awareness and confidence.

Automotive courses cover tune-up, modern powertrain diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance, service work and minor and major repairs. Advanced subjects include powertrain rebuilding, chassis and suspension repairs plus automotive and motorcycle mechanical restoration work. Courses in Welding, RV Trailering, Four-Wheeling and Off-Road Motorcycling aim at improving the skills of ‘DIY’ enthusiasts and professionals.

In addition to HD video training courses, there are other download products available. PDF digital downloads include fifteen color illustrated PDF guides geared toward improving your automotive awareness. These guides can also help you decide whether being a “DIY technician” is in your wheelhouse. For many, these guides are a thorough automotive orientation and a sensible place to start. After thoughtful consideration, if you want to learn automotive or motorcycle technology, welding and other hands-on skills, I look forward to your enrollment for the Road and Trail Ready courses and guides.

Interested in automotive technology, culture and history? My new color illustrated, 217-page eBook An Automotive Life! (2022 by Moses Ludel) is now available. Whether you want a better understand of automobility, enjoy celebrating motor vehicle history or simply need to navigate America’s unique relationship to automobiles, light trucks and SUVs, this eBook covers it all! The PDF download is color illustrated with bookmarked chapters.

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