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Review: FrostGuard® Ends Windshield Scraping and Frozen Wipers

by Moses Ludel

FrostGuard® windshield and mirror covers are the best antidote for winter frost, ice, sleet and snow. Parking overnight can mean frozen windshield glass, mirrors and wiper blades. Often, defrosting glass requires lengthy running of the engine. Worse yet is the undesirable chore of scraping window glass and mirrors until your fingers grow numb. FrostGuard® can put an end to this.


At colder climates like ours, winter’s sunniest days still have bone-chilling, frosty nights. In the morning, a thick layer of ice on the windshield and side view mirrors is common. One solution is to wait until the sun rises for the ice to melt.  This is much like watching grass grow.

FrostGuard® is a practical solution. The covers span the windshield and stay in place with elastic straps and a sensible door tab that doubles as security from theft. The mirror covers slide in place easily with a simple pull string attachment. Even in a blizzard, these covers can be fitted in mere minutes!


The windshield covers on our XJ Cherokee (left) and Ram 3500 pickup offer protection from snow, ice, sleet and ice rain.  These cover sets are available in two sizes:  Standard and XL.  Pick from a lengthy, model-specific chart at the https://www.frostguard.us website.  The Ram’s XL fits perfectly.  Our XJ Cherokee has not made the list yet, but the Standard size fits the closest and works very well.  With very little practice, these windshield covers and the mirror covers can be installed in less than five minutes.

Elastic straps help secure the windshield cover to the side mirrors.  Mirror guards provide immediate visibility without the need to heat up or scrap the mirrors.  The materials are tough and act as a weather barrier and insulator.  These covers should last for years with their durable stitching, reinforced ribs and wind resistant fabric!

This Subaru has a ready-to-go windshield after a near-zero night in the municipal parking lot.  What a welcome sight after parking for 14 hours in a chill factor wind.  Every other vehicle on the lot has frosted glass and wipers.  After working a 13-hour shift at a hospital’s ICU, the owner has little energy for scraping glass.  Thankfully, the car can be driven home without fanfare.

For more details on the FrostGuard® windshield and mirror covers plus ways to protect your vehicle from winter perils, visit the official website at:


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