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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video: Top Bow Products for Early Willys CJ Models

by Moses Ludel
“Top Bow” Products for the Early Willys CJ-2A 4WD Models!

Top Bow products for the earliest Willys CJ-2A canvas tops

     Restoring a vintage Willys or Jeep CJ 4×4 model was once relatively easy. Each vintage civilian Jeep had its parallel military model. The first CJ-2A models ran down the Willys assembly lines next to the last WWII MB models. The CJ-3A had its parallel in the M38 military Jeep, while the earliest CJ-5 was inspired by the M38A1. All of this meant that there were abundances of NOS and surplus parts available for restorers.

Top Bows means precisely designed and executed replica parts

     Surplus pieces and precise, OEM quality U.S.-built replacement parts assured early Jeep restorers of parts. Like every other commodity, eventually the spare parts got scarcer, however—or unreliably built. That has been true of many Jeep replacement parts from the last decades, where off-shore replication and poor build standards have cast doubt on the quality of replacement parts.

     Another issue is authenticity. Often, replacement parts “fit” but do not match the original blueprint design or appearance.

Every part matches the original Willys products released with the earliest civilian CJ-2A 4x4 models.

     Filling the quality void, Michael Myers is among a new crop of historically aware, innovative parts suppliers. His Top Bows products reflect a keen commitment to original Willys design and intent. These parts are U.S.-built to the highest design and materials standards, and they match OE parts in appearance.

     At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, an interview with Michael Myers revealed just how detailed one can get about early Willys canvas tops and bows. His replica products follow factory prints and bulletins to furnish customers with precisely the appearance and function of a new, 1945-48 CJ-2A Jeep top. Join us in this interview and learn about the earliest civilian CJs—and their unique tops! 

After viewing the video (below), visit the Top Bows website—click here!

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—Moses Ludel

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