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USFS and Off-Road Community Volunteers Protect Dog Valley

by Moses Ludel
U.S. Forest Service and Off-Road Volunteers Protect Dog Valley

On June 14, 2014, U.S. Forest Service staff and local volunteers collaborated on a project at Dog Valley near Verdi, Nevada/California. Within the Toiyabe National Forest, the pristine meadow land had been threatened by careless users. Volunteer workers from the Nevada 4WD Association, Hills Angels 4×4 Club of Reno and the Friends of Nevada Wilderness joined ranks and helped build a wooden barrier adjacent to the road. Nevada Energy provided the heavy poles and other materials. In this HD video coverage, see the intensive work involved and spirited effort to protect our public land.

Dog Valley, CA meadow barrier project
U.S. Forest Service recreational specialist

The collaboration of the U.S. Forest Service, Nevada 4WD Association, Hills Angels 4×4 Club of Reno, and Friends of Nevada Wilderness made the Dog Valley project a success. Volunteers with a variety of OHV, 4×4 and outdoor interests came together to protect this pristine valley and its meadows.

Nevada 4-Wheel Drive Association
Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Northern Nevada’s 4×4 clubs, OHV users, all-terrain bicyclists, hikers and single track users find common ground in projects like protecting the Dog Valley meadows. Shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. Forest Service staff, the group built a protective barrier alongside the Dog Valley Road and meadows.

Hills Angels 4x4 Club of Reno, Nevada
New single track trail into the meadow at Dog Valley

In addition to 4WD and OHV interests, the Friends of Nevada Wilderness volunteered to improve a single track walking trail into the meadow. There is a place for motorized recreation and places where footprints are enough. Protecting our public lands provides continued access for all.

U.S. Forest Service staff join ranks the the off-road vehicle community
Friends of Nevada Wilderness work hard at the Dog Valley Project

Heavy drilling, moving poles provided by Nevada Energy, and driving rebar stakes through notched supports were just some of the chores. This is hard, rewarding work that benefits all off-pavement users. Consider volunteering at this level.

Feeding a hard working group of volunteers and U.S. Forest Service staff
Great cooking and a meal in the outdoors!

Working this hard builds a hearty appetite! The Reno four-wheelers put together an incredible lunch at the outdoor staging area. Following the hard effort by volunteers and U.S. Forest Service staff, this sumptuous meal was welcome!

U.S. Forest Service extends thanks to the 4x4 and OHV volunteers
Group at the Dog Valley protection project

The U.S. Forest Service will put $60,000 in grant funding back into the Green Sticker OHV program, money saved by the substantial volunteer labor effort at this Dog Valley Project. The group deserves the thanks of everyone in the region who enjoys the outdoor environment and access to our public lands!

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