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N4WDA and Local 4×4 Clubs Clean Up El Dorado Canyon

by Moses Ludel
N4WDA Calls on Local 4×4 Clubs for an El Dorado Canyon Clean Up!

  On May 18, 2014, the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association joined ranks with the Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association for a major Pine Nut Range clean up. N4WDA enlisted the help of 4×4 volunteers from the Sierra Stompers and Komstock Krawlerz 4×4 clubs.

Local 4x4 clubs on N4WDA clean-up!
Trash and debris discarded on public lands.

     The enthusiastic N4WDA group headed up El Dorado Canyon from the Dayton Valley side, and the Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association (PNMTA) headed east from Johnson Lane at Carson Valley. By the long day’s end, these two groups trailered and toted out an incredible amount of trash, debris, large and small television sets and other electronic items, car and truck pieces, old tires, even the guts from a worn out washing machine—plus two rusted vehicle bodies that had dotted the landscape for decades!

Washing machine parts in the brush.
Trailers filled up quickly with trash.

  In this 1080P full-screen HD video, see how much work it takes to clean up public lands after uncaring individuals make a mess. Witness the latest disgusting phenomenon: costly to dump household items now get tossed out on our public lands!  Each year, the western Nevada 4×4 clubs and PNMTA head out to restore their favorite backcountry recreational areas—all in an effort to keep our public lands accessible…Thanks!

Big screen glass projector television near a spring creek.
Rusting Datsun station wagon a

     A big-screen projection television broke into glass shards as the crew loaded it into a trailer. At right, this Datsun station wagon was an El Dorado Canyon “landmark” for decades. Both blights were adjacent to a pristine, spring-fed stream that feeds high desert habitat and wildlife. This was once a smaller-scale mining district and later became a sheep grazing area. El Dorado Canyon makes a scenic, somewhat challenging 4×4 or OHV day run. Quads, dirt motorcycles, equestrians and 4x4s share this route.

Pickup truck body and bed cut up and hauled out!
This group did a tremendous clean-up job on May 18, 2014.

   At left, a vintage early ‘sixties GM pickup, rusted and riddled with target practice holes, had rested uncerimoniously at the higher reaches of El Dorado Canyon. The N4WDA and local 4×4 clubs finished their day at the Douglas Disposal site (right). The PNMTA and N4WDA merged here, leaving a heap of trash and steel at the facility. Douglas Disposal supported the venture by donating two dumpster loads to the cause. 

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