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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Rebuilding the Ross TL Steering Gear

by Moses Ludel
The Ross TL cam-and-lever steering gear was popular on 1941-71 Willys and Kaiser/Jeep vehicles. I-H Scout 80 and 800 used a variation of this gear. Though somewhat primitive compared to Saginaw recirculating ball-and-nut gears, the Ross gear will get the job done. Builders often convert to Saginaw manual or power steering. Many restore the Ross TL gear with good results.

How-to: Rebuilding the Jeep-Ross ‘TL’ Steering Gear!


Ross TL gear rebuild

At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel was guest speaker to a large group of vintage Willys-Jeep enthusiasts who own 1941-71 models. In this segment, Moses discusses restoration of vintage Ross TL steering gears. These gears were original equipment in all Willys 4×4 military vehicles, 4WD civilian CJs, the Willys Pickup and Station Wagon, plus the Jeep FC150 and FC170 trucks.

Note:  This original live recording at the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Mason, Ohio has been remastered and edited in .mp4 for easier viewing and listening.  Make good use of the presentation!

In this 28:34-minute slideshow presentation video, Moses Ludel’s live audio comments accompany each instructional slide. If you have a 1971 or earlier Jeep CJ or a Willys model that needs steering gear attention, this slideshow presentation helps clarify vintage Jeep steering gear needs and vital rebuilding details! Moses Ludel adds footnotes and additional details and commentary within the video.

Moses Ludel slideshow presentation at 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion
Slideshow by Moses Ludel from Midwest Willys Reunion presentation

For those who missed the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, there are over 70 slides within the Ross TL steering gear portion of the presentation.

Additional Ross TL information and material:

1) A detailed Ross TL steering gear rebuild exchange between a vintage Jeep owner and Moses Ludel can be found at the magazine’s forums.  If you would like to follow this comprehensive overview, click here!

2) NOS and aftermarket parts sourcing is an issue with these vintage steering gears.  NOS (Ross, Willys/Jeep®, I-H and Studebaker) has historically been a reliable source for original equipment quality parts. However, there are even concerns about some early AMC-Jeep® labeled steering gear replacement parts.  See this article and the link to Bill Kuran’s PDF technical paper:  https://4wdmechanix.com/moses-ludels-4wd-mechanix-magazine-ross-tl-steering-gear-replacement-parts/


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