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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Jeep 4WD Team ‘Crawl to Cure Cancer’

by Moses Ludel
Jeep 4WD Competitors ‘Crawl to Cure Cancer’ as Team #311!

Team #311 Crawl to Cure Cancer

(Photos courtesy of Kelly Young)

     Kelly Young and her rock crawling team have been competing in the ‘WeRock’ professional rock crawling series since 2005. Competing at Midwest and East Coast competition rock crawling events and attending Jeep shows, this rock crawling team boasts the only female driver in the ‘stock modified class’.

     The Jeep 4×4 began rock crawling as a bright green, modified Wrangler. The notable color and Kelly Young at the wheel were crowd pleasers. One of the staunchest supporters and fans was Kelly’s mother, Marie Young.

     In June of 2008, Marie fought a brief battle with colon and liver cancer. Kelly lost her mother, and rock crawling competition lost a great fan.

     Kelly thought of ways to honor her mother and share Marie Young’s enthusiasm for rock crawling. One way to remember Marie, and also help folks dealing with cancer, was to dedicate the rock crawling proceeds to finding cures for cancer.

     The team  painted their Jeep a distinct pink and began raising money for cancer research. “Crawl to Cure Cancer” was born!

Team #311 Pink Jeep Rock Crawler

     Kelly Young and the #311 team have traveled across the U.S.A., competing and showing this pink competition Jeep 4×4. Raising money for cancer research, the team has the generous support of 4Wheel Drive Hardware.

Team #311 in Competition

     A portion of the proceeds from  Crawl to Cure Cancer T-shirt  sales goes to the cure for cancer cause. 4Wheel Drive Hardware matches up to $10,000 in donations that the team generates during the year. At the end of each year, the team sends all donations to the American Cancer Society.

     In the first two years of Crawl to Cure Cancer, the team donated over $30,000 to the American Cancer Society. What a tribute to Marie Young!

Dedication to Marie Young

For more information about the team, the latest competition events and how to donate, please visit:


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