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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: B.F. Goodrich Pro Pit at the Races

by Moses Ludel
B.F. Goodrich ‘Pro Pit’ Crew from Yerington, Nevada!

  Walkaround of the B.F. Goodrich ‘Pro Pit’ Trailer!

'Pro Pit' based at Yerington, Nevada, covers VORRA, Best in the Desert, the Stampede and other races.

  In 2010, 4WD Mechanix Magazine began covering Northern Nevada’s off-road racing events. Soon familiar was the B.F. Goodrich ‘Pro Pit’ team, set up at remote pit areas in the desert. 

     Based at Yerington, Nevada, the crew brings years of experience to the effort. Assisting B.F. Goodrich racers needing trackside repairs, Pro Pit is a tightly organized crew. Years of local VORRA racing support have expanded to support the Best in the Desert, MasterPull U.S.A. 500, Parker races and even the Baja race events.

Pro Pit crew jumping into action at the 2011 VORRA-MasterPull U.S.A. 500 race!

     We caught up with the team at the 2011 VORRA MasterPull U.S.A. 500 race. (See the MasterPull USA 500 coverage for more details!)They set up at a remote pit area just past a rough stretch of the race course. In video coverage of that race, the essence of the Pro Pit team’s work is evident: the team rapidly jumps into the fray to keep damaged vehicles and B.F. Goodrich tires on track!

     At the 2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race, the Pro Pit team set up at the main pit area to meet the needs of B.F. Goodrich tire users. In a quieter moment, we pulled Pat, the team leader, aside for a walkaround of Pro Pit’s trailer. This interview provides insight into race crew pitting and the equipment needed to keep desert race vehicles rolling!

Pro Pit flies the B.F. Goodrich banner and supports all BFG users.

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