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OTC 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

by Moses Ludel

A cooling system pressure test can diagnose hose and radiator leaks, damaged gaskets and casting cracks. The OTC Tools 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit includes hose adapters for a wide range of conventional and degas cooling systems.

The OTC 6977 Universal Cooling System Test Kit.

Modern cooling systems often seal completely at the radiator. There is no filler neck for testing the system pressure. Late model vehicles with degas systems eliminate vented coolant recovery tanks. The OTC 6977 test kit provides a range of adapters for pressure testing at hose junctions or a radiator fill neck.

The kit covers a wide range of hose sizes for sealed and degas systems plus common radiator filler necks.

All hoses and fittings have high burst ratings. The kit includes stout spring clamps plus an extra set of replacement clamps. The rugged hand pump has a built-in hose with a quick-coupler that attaches to either an adapter hose or the radiator tester cap.

Quality hoses and fittings have high burst strength. Quick-coupler stems feature Schrader valves.
Hose adapters fit common heater hoses and the smaller degas hose sizes.

A fully sealed system can be easily tested during a heater hose replacement. Cut a section from the old hose and install the correct size adapter hose at the open section. Test the cooling system before installing the new hose.

Safety in mind, the adapters and tester cap have Schrader release valves. The radiator test cap features a unique cam action release knob that can safely release cooling system pressure after the test. The pump hose quick-coupler allows easy detachment from either an adapter hose or the test cap.

Heavy duty test cap features a cam action safety release knob. Cap fits tradition radiator filler necks.
Thermostat replacement is a good time to test the cooling system for leaks and pressure losses.
After installing the thermostat housing and torquing hardware, run a coolant pressure test.

Pressure testing should follow a water pump, thermostat or radiator hose replacement. When your suspect a heater core, radiator, head gasket or cracked casting leak, this tester can diagnose and pinpoint trouble. If a blown head gasket or casting crack is probable, do not run the engine with a pressure tester connected!

Warning: The engine should always be cool and shut off before hooking up the pressure test cap, hose adapters or the hand pump. Do not start or run the engine with the test pump and gauge attached!

The OTC Tools 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit is an affordable and useful tool for automotive shops and serious DIY users. Intended for a wide variety of chores, the versatile kit will provide years of service.

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