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How-to: Gaither GT12-1US Precision Tire Balancing

by Moses Ludel

The Gaither GT12-1US is a portable, computer tire balancer with a manually spun spindle axle. This precision machine has enabled us to perform high caliber tire balancing at our shop. Tire tests include mounting and balancing plus periodic tire rotation and re-balance checks. Like other practical shops, we brought this work in-house. There is no longer a need to sublet this work to a tire store!
The gaither GT12-1US is a highly accurate, “portable” balancer used in commercial truck shop environments. This has been an optimal choice for our shop and servicing oversized tires on 4x4s.

Gaither Takes Balancing to the Next Level: GT12-1US Manual Computer Tire Balancer…

The Gaither GT12-1US is a heavy duty, manually operated computer tire and wheel balancer. Portable and easy to operate, the machine is ideal for commercial truck and bus shops, fleet operators and independent 4×4 light truck shops. We test 4×4 aftermarket wheels and oversized tires. For our shop, this is an optimal piece of equipment.

In our HD video coverage, see how we set up the GT12-1US machine and balance a new set of Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX™ LT255/85R16 LRE tires. (Click to the official Cooper Tires listings for Discoverer® S/T MAXX™ tires. See the magazine’s tire test coverage as well.) This machine has highly intuitive software. The algorithms can distinguish whether a tire needs static/centerline or dynamic balancing. Aftermarket wheels and tires require precise balance. The Gaither GT12-1US balancer delivers high end performance without high cost.

We test tires as accurately as possible. Performing our own tire service is one way to assure consistency and predictable results. The portable, easy to operate Gaither GT12-1US manual tire and wheel balancer provides precise, quick balancing and optimal data.

The need for quality mounting and balancing led us to the Gaither GT12-1US balancer. Portable, compact and highly accurate, the machine assures reliable testing with tires like the Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX™. We will amortize the cost of equipment with many extra miles of tire life. Precision tire balancing, air pressures and wheel alignment, plus ongoing attention to the vehicle’s suspension and wheel systems, will assure maximum performance from quality tires like the Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX™.

Many tire shops have changed and serviced our tires over the years. The use of oversized, heavy duty (often Load Range E) tires on lightweight 4x4s has been particularly challenging. Tire shops have limited time to change tires, relying on expensive, high end equipment for troubleshooting and problem solving. Often, the combination of aftermarket wheels and oversized tires leads to questionable results.

The Gaither GT12-1US manual computer tire and wheel balancer can demystify the quirks of these oversized aftermarket wheel and tire packages. Considering the high un-sprung weight mass of these tire/wheel assemblies, balancing is even more critical. These wheel/tires for the XJ Cherokee weigh 88 pounds per assembly. Our Ram 3500’s 37″x12.5″x17″ Cooper AT3 XLT tires and Raceline rims weigh 102 pounds per assembly!

In the HD video coverage at this post/page, you will learn why three out of four tires in our how-to required static/centerline balancing. Shown here, weights installed at the tire store during our last mount-and-balance sublet illustrate the centerline/static method. The video covers step-by-step balancing of the new Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX™ tires. Each tire’s unique demands demonstrate why we prefer doing our own tire service—it pays off!

We brought the Gaither GT12-1US Manual Computer Tire/Wheel Balancer into our shop for better results and quality control. The machine features a highly accurate, World Class computer balancing mechanism. With this high standard, we can consistently achieve our tire and wheel balancing goals.

Manual” does not mean “less”! This computer and spindle/axle system is World Class. The Gaither GT12-1US has been popular with fleet truck and bus operators, commercial truck shops and independent automotive and light truck/SUV shops. Tires from compact cars to over-the-road tractor/trailers can be serviced on this machine. This portable balancer will also handle tires for 4×4 rock buggies, Ultra4 race vehicles, 4×4 utility vehicles, light trucks and SUVs. Load capacity of the spindle is 330 pounds!

Establishing our in-house tire shop has eliminated 80 mile round trips to the tire store for sublet tire mounting and balancing. Whether we mount new test tires or perform periodic tire rotations and balance checks, the Gaither GT12-1US balancer easily rolls out of its stowage space to get the job done!

Here, the Gaither GT12-1US waits patiently for its next assignment. Parked neatly and mobile, the unit can be stored readily and rolled out when needed. Truck shops often roll the balancer to the side of a vehicle or trailer. The unique, adjustable spindle height brings the spindle/axle down to the centerline of big wheels and tires. No more lifting heavy wheels and tires onto a balancer!

See our how-to video coverage of other Gaither tire and wheel service equipment. For more information on the full line of Gaither Tool Company tire service equipment visit:


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Victor Vargo November 19, 2021 - 6:47 pm

what size is the spindle. their website does not give that specification. I would buy rims with inner and outer flanges to put weights. save alot of time

Moses Ludel November 20, 2021 - 6:26 am

Hi, Victor…The spindle diameter measures forty millimeters (40mm or approximately 1.575-inch) diameter. I’m pleased with the machine. It’s precise and accurate.



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