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ERRECOM Air Conditioning Service and Performance Products

by Moses Ludel
These Errecom products renewed and refreshed our XJ Cherokee’s air conditioning system...

Errecom offers a full line service products that maximize air conditioner performance. Whether you perform major service and repair work or simply want to rejuvenate or enhance your vehicle’s air conditioning system, products like Cool-Shot Ultra, Extreme Ultra or the Atom Machine can make a difference. In this how-to video, we install and test these products.

See how easily you can install Cool-Shot Ultra or Extreme Ultra with no special equipment, refrigerant or tools.  If  you can identify your Jeep®, 4×4 truck or automobile air conditioner’s low-side test port, you can perform this task.

Note: Be sure to clean away debris before removing a port dust cap.  Once the Schrader valve opens, the suction side of the system can draw in harmful debris. The steps are easy to follow in the how-to instructional video.


What if you could dramatically improve the performance and lower temperatures in your A/C system?  Well, we discovered how:  Errecom Cool-Shot Ultra. Difficult to install?  Not at all, we installed Cool-Shot Ultra in minutes. If you can identify the low-side suction port of your A/C system, you can install Cool-Shot Ultra or Extreme Ultra. The low-side on R134a and R1234a has the smaller dust cap and port stem diameter—easy to distinguish!  The kit supplied includes adapters for each of these system types. Errecom packages many of its A/C and other products in convenient, one-time use service kits. The adapters are well-made and could be used more than once.


The A/C system on our 1999 Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4×4 has no record of work since new, and we bought the vehicle at 94,000 miles. A testimonial to Sanden compressors, the vehicle now has 172,500 miles on the odometer, and the A/C still worked reasonably well! However, when you four-wheel and drive on scorching Nevada roads all summer long,”well” may not be good enough. We turned to Errecom’s Cool-Shot Ultra for a rejuvenation and dramatic temperature improvement on this system. Before the installation of Cool-Shot Ultra, the average output tested a mediocre 56-58-degrees F at a 90-degrees F ambient temperature. After installing Cool-Shot Ultra, the A/C system exceeded the manufacturer’s estimated gains.  We achieved a best test performance of 43-degree F output after 30-minutes of run time with Cool-Shot Ultra in the system! Watch the video for details.


Tired of musty or dusty trail odors and a stodgy cabin in your 4×4?  Errecom’s Atom Machine can fix that quickly. We chose from five pleasant but not overwhelming scents and did a treatment with the Atom Machine. As Errecom explains, this is an advanced approach using nebulisation. The Atom Machine dramatically exceeds the performance of aerosols and other so-called refresh methods. The cost of the machine and liquid solutions is within the budget of home DIY techs and certainly affordable for any shop that performs air conditioning service. Do yourself or your customers a favor: Make the Atom Machine part of automotive A/C work or even the seasonal clean-up of a trail 4×4!

Errecom products serve professional and DIY air conditioning work. “Green” oriented, these fine products from Italy can repair, restore and enhance automotive, residential and commercial air conditioning systems. For shops and DIY consumers, the full line of products can be reviewed at the ERRECOM official website: http://www.errecom.com.  The site translates from Italian to English.

Errecom is popular in Europe and for good reason.  We met Errecom staff at the 2017 AAPEX Show, Las Vegas, and many of the Errecom products are now available at Amazon.com.  See the extensive list of Errecom products that meet a wide range of automotive service needs.

Here are links to the products discussed in our how-to video. There are also Errecom videos available at YouTube. You can find these videos with an “ERRECOM” search online or at YouTube:

EXTREME ULTRA – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ1TZ7R
COOL-SHOT – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D3AVJ6W
EXTERNAL – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MUE9LXR
BRILLIANT – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JAJ1EUG
PREMIUM PAG – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQ4A1TG


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