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Driving Light Upgrade and Tests: PIAA RF6 and LP530 Lights

by Moses Ludel

Like other Dodge Ram Gen 3 trucks, the OEM headlamps on our 2005 Ram 3500 truck produce a subdued and diffused light pattern. Even with the low beams on and adjusted to specification, the dim and ineffective scattered light often confuses oncoming drivers who assume that the high beams are on.  Regardless of the adjustment method, the low beams are generally more useful than the high beams.  After suffering with poor night lighting for nearly a dozen years, we turned to PIAA lighting products for a solution.

PIAA Lighting (10) PIAA Lighting (9)

These OEM headlights on our Gen 3 Dodge Ram contribute to the truck’s bold and popular frontal image.  The headlamps, however, have a poorly designed domed cap that sends intense light back to the reflector then outward as a diffused and scattered pattern. We purchased this ’05 model new in October 2004.  Despite precise beam adjustment, these lights have produced dull, inadequate light.

PIAA Lighting (2) PIAA Lighting (1)

For remedying this day one problem, we turned to PIAA’s Reflector Facing Technology and a pair of RF6 LED white driving lights. Our upgrade also includes the newest LP530 Yellow Driving/Fog lamps. With this installation and real world road testing, we discovered the full impact and benefit of these low amperage draw LED lights! 

PIAA Lighting (3)  PIAA Lighting (4)

RF Series white LED driving lights (top) come in 6-inch, 10-inch and 18-inch widths.  The lamps can be linked together or used individually.  Due to space considerations around our winch and recovery work, a pair of RF6 units were mounted individually, using the single post method.  We also replaced a pair of conventional forward illumination fog lamps with PIAA’s Reflector Facing Technology latest LP530 Yellow Driving Lights (bottom).  The LP530 is an optimal 3.5″ diameter design that fits common winch bumper lamp canisters.  Both pairs of lights feature low amperage draw while delivering maximum lighting capability.

PIAA Lighting (5) PIAA Lighting (6)

The PIAA RF6 driving lights fit pre-drilled holes on this heavy-duty winch bumper.  Our 18,000 pound capacity Superwinch Talon fits well with this lighting layout.  The RF6 driving lights have been wired to operate independently during winching operation to minimize battery draw.  For our use, these lights can be turned on at any time with the PIAA dash-mount switch.  The LP530 driving lights were wired into the factory fog-light circuits and operate from the OEM light switch in the fog light mode.

PIAA Lighting (8) PIAA Lighting (7)

These two beam patterns are the new PIAA LP530 lights (top) and the RF6 driving lights (bottom).  (The factory lighting is turned off.)  Join us on the road as we test these lights.  See the dramatic effect that PIAA lighting and RFT provide.  See why this is an optimal solution for our lighting needs!

If your on- or off-road vehicle needs a lighting solution or upgrade for improved visibility, safer winch recovery work and other needs, see the many options available from PIAA at:  http://www.piaa.com.

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