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2017 SEMA Show Superwinch ‘EXP’ Large Frame Launch

by Moses Ludel

The groundbreaking Superwinch® EXP winch series has expanded to large frame winches.  From 8,000-18,000 pound capacity, the EXP now covers the full range of user needs. Heavy-duty pickup and stake bed owners, for the first time, have access to an integral, electronically controlled large framed winch.  The Superwinch booth at the 2017 SEMA Show also featured the ‘FrankenBrute’ Jeep TJ Wrangler 4×4.  FrankenBrute, built on a stretched 2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler chassis with JK and performance modifications, captures the body cues of a 1949 Willys 4×4 Pickup while boasting state-of-the art powertrain, chassis and axle upgrades.  See our HD video interview and ‘FrankenBrute’ tour (below) with builder Greg Henderson.

In our 2017 SEMA Show live interview at the Superwinch® booth, Scott Salmon, Vice President of Marketing, shared the innovative features of the EXP winches.  The most advanced technology in consumer winches, the EXP offers not only the time-honored stamina and integrity of Superwinch® products, the platform provides a power source for auxiliary lights, accessories, cameras and an arsenal of contemporary off-road winching tools.  Scott explains why the EXP integral and remote controlled winch platforms are the most compelling winch investment in today’s market.

The recently released 8,000-12,000 pound EXP winch already has a strong following.  (See our full HD video coverage from the 2017 Moab Jeep Safari.)  Now owners of large, heavy-weight pickups have access to the same advanced technology in a large frame winch.  Launched at the 2017 SEMA Show, the 12,000-18,000 pound rated EXP large frame winches come in integral and remote control box designs for a wide range of applications. 


The pickatinny rail mount at the back of EXP integral bridge winches provides a quick mount for accessories.  Superwinch® makes an adapter bracket and wiring harnesses to mount Baja Design lights with quick plug-ins to the winch’s innovative power points.  The EXP is a self-contained winch and accessories unit that can be run remotely, eliminating many hours of wasted time spent on wiring to the vehicle’s battery and electrical circuits.  Superwinch® serves every niche of the winch market from ATVs/UTVs to medium duty trucks, military and commercial applications!

‘FrankenBrute’ Featured at the Superwinch® Booth

‘FrankenBrute’ drew a huge crowd at the 2017 SEMA Show.  Featured at the Superwinch® booth and outfitted  with winches front and rear, this highly innovative truck has styling cues from the 1949 Willys 4×4 Pickup.  A stretched TJ Wrangler 4×4 chassis with many aftermarket and JK modifications, FrankenBrute is way more than a showpiece.  This is a highly functional on- and off-road worthy 4×4 with an estimated 400 horsepower under the hood, a Jeep inline six stroker motor built by Phil Toney of Mopar fame.

In our video interview, builder Greg Henderson walks us through the unique and highly functional features of this TJ Wrangler.  The body began as an AEV Brute cab that Greg transformed with iconic cues from a classic Willys pickup.  See how Greg captured the “look” with stylized cab corners and hood modifications.  FrankenBrute serves as a focus point for raising awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome.  As an infant, Liam Henderson, Greg’s son, suffered permanent injury, blindness and brain impairment from an accidental Shaken Baby episode at a daycare facility.

For more information on the full line of Superwinch® products visit:


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