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2016 SEMA Show: BFG® Pit Crew Challenge

by Moses Ludel

At the 2016 SEMA Show, BFGoodrich® Tires presented the second annual BFG® Pit Crew Challenge. All show participants were welcome to compete for prizes that included full sets of BFG® performance tires each and a chance to win a Baja 500 race trip. The competition took place at the Silver Lot’s BFG®-SCORE Baja 1000 Experience. Join this sampling of competitors as they race against the stopwatch for the quickest time and great prizes!

2016-pit-crew-challenge-1  2016-pit-crew-challenge-7

The BFG® Ambassadors and staff handled the officiating and score keeping chores.  At left is Baja champion racer Rich Minga of “Street Outlaws” fame.  Brian Finch, Andrew Comrie-Picard (“APC”), Lance Clifford and Larry Mcrae (at right) kept the action going for three days at the Silver Lot!  Announcer and racer Terry Earwood provided the commentary, a role shared by Lance Clifford. Lowell Eckart and Jonathan Baughman from Jackson Motorsport helped facilitate the event.

2016-pit-crew-challenge-2  2016-pit-crew-challenge-3

Team members competed daily for full sets of tires each day.  These two men stepped up as “Team India” and provided an early example of the pit chores.  Follow their steps and see how busy pit crew work can be!  Each team benefited from watching earlier teams try to beat the clock, and the times dropped dramatically over the three days of competition.  A trip to the Baja 500 was the ultimate prize!

2016-pit-crew-challenge-5  2016-pit-crew-challenge-6

Brian Finch holds the fuel filling segment stopwatch as a spirited couple stepped up for the challenge (at left).  At right, this team from the Carolinas knew its way around the equipment.  Avoiding penalty points made all the difference.  You had to be fast—and also play within the defined rules.  Officials were very fair about sharing details and tips.

2016-pit-crew-challenge-4  2016-pit-crew-challenge-8b

The women’s competition was fierce and impressive.  At left, the tire and wheel slinging followed the same rules and goals, wheel/tire weight was the same for all competitors.  These four gals were tough and proved it.  Winners at the right were up for the challenge and would be formidable at arm wrestling.  All participants were welcome and took the competition seriously.  Each maintained a sporting sense of humor!

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