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New HTP Invertig® 400 AC/DC Commercial Grade Welder

by Moses Ludel
This is the latest Invertig® 400 AC/DC Welder from HTP America/USA Weld! The high tech, big job TIG and stick machine offers commercial users and fabrication shops exceptional service and high amperage welding.

HTP America’s Proven Invertig® Technology for Pro Shops!

HTP America’s reputation for exceptional TIG/GTAW welding equipment has inspired the new Invertig® 400 professional grade machine. The design features years of proven technology plus the latest advances in TIG and stick welding.

This machine satisfies the daily demands of commercial shops, field users and serious fabricators needing a higher output welder. For quick menu reads while working, those familiar with the Invertig® ProPulse 300 will recognize the easy to view LCD display. Menu software provides easy operation and user input.

Like other HTP Invertig® machines, the liquid cooler fits conveniently beneath the welder. This larger cooler supports the welder. Tight shop environments are no problem for the Invertig® 400. Job site and truck-mounted use will be popular for this machine.

Safety is always a priority with HTP America. The “smart cooler” has a sensible feature that turns the welding output off if there is a problem with either the cooler or the torch. This prevents damage to vital and costly welder components from a simple torch issue or an obstruction within the cooling system.

For the stick welding side of the unit, the Invertig® 400 provides superior options over the competition in this category. Full AC TIG adjustability is available in the Stick welding mode!  AC Frequency is adjustable from 20Hz to 400Hz setting for up to 100 amps and a 200 Hz setting for above that amperage. Balance and Asymmetric limiting (EP or EN) is also possible. The Invertig® 400 also allows pulse stick welding in both AC and DC welding modes.

The Invertig® 400 has the highest output on a 50 amp single phase breaker of any machine on the market—a full 350 amps with a 35% duty cycle!  By contrast, a competitive 400 amp inverter machine draws 20% more power (60 amps) while providing 14% less welding current (300 amps @ 20%).  HTP’s Invertig® 400 offers a much better duty cycle at a lower and safer current draw. This is also much easier on the shop’s electrical usage and demands on the power panel.

The HTP Invertig® 400 can run wide open at 350 amps on a 50-amp single phase circuit! The duty cycle is superior to competitive machines in the market.

Key Features of the New HTP Invertig® 400

  • Wave forms for AC settings: Square, soft square and triangle
  • AC Frequency: 20Hz-400Hz up to 99 amps; 20Hz-200Hz above 100 amps
  • Input power requirements: 208-240 Single Phase 50 amp service for 350 amp welding output; full 400 amp output on 3-phase 208-575 volt input power. (The machine automatically identifies and sets for the voltage and phase type.)
  • 3-Phase production shops will experience an exceptional duty cycle and low electricity cost.
  • Dual displays constantly show the starting and maximum current for a process. The operator knows the exact settings at all times.

Fast, safe hook-up is an HTP America hallmark. Symbols are universal and easily understood under fast-paced shop use or field conditions. Like other HTP welders, a variety of optional components are available for the Invertig® 400. Change-out between TIG and stick welding is simple and straightforward. The learning curve for new users is much quicker.
This is a commercial level machine designed for production. The cooler hook-up is easy. Controls and the fuse are quickly accessible.

For those of us familiar with HTP Invertig® welders and equipment, the choice is obvious. The USAWeld.com website provides parts and a wide range of accessories for HTP welders. Our highly reliable, easy to operate HTP Invertig® 221 machine has met every TIG and stick fabricating need at our shop. Commercial users with high amp demand jobs will value the new Invertig® 400.

HTP Invertig® 400 AC/DC Water Cooled TIG and Stick Welder…

For more HTP product details, visit the HTP America/USA Weld website! For more details on operating and using HTP equipment, see these articles and videos at the magazine. Click here to see the new Invertig® 400 AC-DC 12.5′ Lead Water Cooled Package.

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