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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video Interview: Bradley Falin and Robert Daly Off-Road Racing Program

by Moses Ludel
Brad Falin and Rob Daly Talk About Ultra4 Competition!

Bradley Falin alongside his Ultra 4 #457 desert race car

The popularity of racing in the desert and rock crawling competition has reached an all-time high. With better access, the recent ‘King of the Hammers’ competitions have drawn more than 20,000 spectators. Unlike Baja races, where racers disappear after the starting line and do not resurface until the finish line, rock crawling and closed course desert racing provide far more accessible viewing areas.

If you enjoy desert racing and competitive rock crawling, or have considered competing in these motorsports, this video series can save you years of trial and error. Brad Falin has crewed and raced with top drivers like Rod Hall, competing at Baja, VORRA and desert races across Nevada and the Southwest. Brad’s willingness to share his unique experiences and provide useful tips to prospective racers is a valuable opportunity.

See the four Flash videos found on this page!*

*Bradley’s Race Works entered the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers Race after qualifying at Glen Helen in October 2011. The team competed at the KOH with Brad Falin’s all-new, Duramax-powered diesel buggy.

Bradley's Race Works completes the new Duramax diesel buggy at Johnson Valley—just in time for the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers Race!

Click here for details and HD video coverage of the 2012 Griffin KOH event with Brad Falin interviews!

The #457 desert race car and VORRA Championship winner

For many, the prospect of desert racing or rock crawling is real. After decades of hard work and commitment, Brad Falin’s team, Bradley’s Race Works, has targeted Ultra4 racing and the ‘King of the Hammers’ circuit. Experience, expertise and commitment make Bradley’s Race Works a formidible team—and recipe for success!

Ultra 4 racing includes rock crawling and powering through the desert!

In this video series, potential competitors and enthusiasts get behind-the-scenes insights into the technology, ingenuity, professional driving skills, family commitment and focus required for success. Enjoy the four-part video series and discover the demands of desert racing and rock crawling!

Bradley Falin and desert race car #457 are well known in Nevada race circles. Brad brings his Baja and desert race experience to light in the 19-minute Part 1 video!

In this 30-minute Part 2 video, Brad does an intensive walk-around of the #457 car. He shares its technical features and innovations of a VORRA Championship race car!

In the 12-minute Part 3 video, Brad Falin introduces rock crawler Robert Daly and shares the race support trailer and living quarters that provide a shop and self-contained home at remote desert racing!

Rob Daly's Big Red Motorsports

Rock crawling competitor Rob Daly has a unique Jeep-based crawler. This 15-minute video has Rob discussing equipment, rock crawling and reasons why teaming up with Brad Falin provides a competitive edge!

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—Moses Ludel

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