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The Automatic Transmission Workshop

by Moses Ludel
How-to: The Automatic Transmission Workshop

Upgrading the Chrysler RWD RE and RH transmissions

Automatic transmissions have become a popular option for Jeep 4WDs and Dodge Ram trucks. Moses Ludel offers professional advice on upgrades and rebuilding of automatic transmissions found in Jeep 4WD vehicles and Dodge Ram trucks. At the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums, you will find a lively discussion about automatic and manual transmissions!

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Automatic transmissions have been a Jeep option since the early 1960s. Gladiator and early Wagoneer models were among the first 4×4 trucks in the U.S. to offer automatics. A half-century later, the modern automatic transmission has become a mainstay for 4WD vehicles used both on- and off-highway.

48RE with upgrade accumulator piston

Over the years, Jeep 4WD vehicles have used Borg-Warner, G.M., Chrysler and Aisin-Warner automatic transmissions. Today, energy efficient automatic transmissions are found in every kind of 4WD vehicle, from all-season grocery grabbers to desert racers, rock crawlers and recreational trail runners. Any stigma about automatic transmissions and back country travel has vanished!

Upgrades can keep an automatic transmission alive.

There is automatic transmission coverage at these magazine articles, the 4WD ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums and the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network coverage. Above my computer, a framed diploma reads, “Automatic Transmission Specialist…September 15, 1969”. More than a decade before earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, I was a light and medium duty truck mechanic with a keen interest in manual and automatic transmission technology.

Since 1969, I have rebuilt and restored both modern and vintage automatic transmissions, including the original Chrysler iron and aluminum Torqueflites, Buick’s Dynaflow, the various Hydramatics and the iron Borg-Warner units used in Ford, Jeep, I-H and Studebaker trucks. I am versed at current transmission designs and electronically controlled, five- and six-speed automatics, even the newest 8-speed units, used in 4×4 domestic and import trucks and Jeep 4WDs.

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