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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Nelson-Rigg and TCI Products for the Dual-Sport Motorcycle

by Moses Ludel
Racks, Skid Protection and Luggage for Our Honda XR650R Dual-Sport Motorcycle!

The magazine’s Honda XR650R dual-sport motorcycle carries valuable video equipment and camping gear into the backcountry. For rugged, well-crafted luggage, durable racks and substantial engine protection that will hold up to dirt and off-road motorsports environments, we turned to TCI Products and Nelson-Rigg luggage. Nelson-Rigg luggage offers utility, high quality materials and versatility. TCI Products provides the best engineering and fit in racks, skid plates and engine guards. In this video series, see how the smartly designed Nelson-Rigg motorcycle luggage and rugged TCI Products racks and engine guards work for us!

Dirt riding single-track in wild horse country on the Honda XR650R motorcycle 

Wild horses at northern Nevada

The magazine’s Honda XR650R dual-sport (converted) motorcycle follows the “Hundred Miles from Nowhere!” rule: 100 miles from nowhere on two-track and single track routes, will the motorcycle be reliable? Here, we ply the northern Nevada wild horse country, just one of the many off-pavement filming venues for this multi-purpose motorcycle.

Skid plate and engine guard protection is vital for a motorcycle ridden into primitive country or covering off-road motorsports events. The OEM skid plate on the XR650R Honda motorcycle is plastic and vulnerable to damage. We turned to TCI Products for the sturdiest and most sensible engine protection available. In this HD video, see the installation and learn about the TCI Products metal skid plate and engine guard kits!

TCI Products metal skid plate and durable engine side guards on the Honda XR650R dual-sport motorcycle
TCI Products engine side guard protection for the Honda XR650R motorcycle
Covering the Ultra4 Stampede Race near Reno, Nevada

From the King of the Hammers to the Stampede Race (at left, filmed near Reno, Nevada), the Honda XR650R motorcycle serves as an HD video platform. Moab, Utah and the Sierra region are also backdrops for filming assignments. Travel and adventure coverage takes us over dirt and asphalt, where this desert enduro dual-sport motorcycle proves itself as an on- and off-highway machine. Our racks and luggage must hold up under a variety of tasks.

The TCI Products integrated rack systems each include well-engineered, model specific platforms. Our Honda XR650R “system” features an under-fender brace that works with both the Sequoia and Borrego rack platforms. In this HD video installation, the system goes together as a “bolt-on” package. The Honda XR650R motorcycle application requires only the simple drilling of two rear fender holes! This is a remarkably well conceived and rugged package—designed by dual-sport/adventure touring motorcycle enthusiasts!  

TCI Products Sequoia rack system mounted on Honda XR650R motorcycle
Attention to detail in the design of TCI Products Sequoia rack system

The platform for our 3-bag Nelson-Rigg luggage is TCI Products’ Sequoia integrated rack system. This rugged platform has a sturdy under fender support brace that allows the dirt bike chassis to support 50-60 pounds of video and camping gear when necessary. Attention to detail is evident everywhere, including the perfect fit around the OEM exhaust system.

Video equipment to be loaded into Nelson-Rigg bags
Nelson-Rigg triple bags including CL-series saddle and a tail bag

HD video gear is both valuable and bulky. At left, our traditional use of a Petrol backpack is now complemented by the Nelson-Rigg luggage system. For field filming, this weighty video package all fits within the trio of Nelson-Rigg bags. The Benro monopod with video head (atop the Nelson-Rigg luggage at right) can be strapped to the back of the luggage and racks. While the Petrol backpack has served well at the SEMA Show and other floor events, for the road and trail on a dual-sport motorcycle, Nelson-Rigg is our choice! Each piece of Nelson-Rigg luggage comes with a shoulder strap, useful for ‘run-and-gun’ video on the ground!


Nelson-Rigg designs the ultimate luggage for dual-sport and adventure touring motorcycles. Bags are available for a variety of uses and climates, ranging from our rugged Tri-Max nylon bags to the “Survivor Edition” series of roll top, 100% weatherproof products. See how well this matching system goes together as we set up the Honda XR650R for filming in the field. In this HD video, discover how Nelson-Rigg luggage can match the needs and size requirements of both on- and off-road motorcyclists!

Fit and clearances with TCI Products racks and Nelson-Rigg bags

At left is the ‘Survivor Edition’ Medium black bag. 20-inches long, the 40L bag is a natural for use in severe weather with the TCI Products single Borrego tail rack. Some riders turn the bag fore/aft and use it as a back rest on long stretches of asphalt. Weather over the Sierra passes or to central and eastern Nevada in the Spring and Fall can quickly turn to rain, sleet or snow. At right, the Nelson-Rigg CL-series saddle bags each fit securely. Rain covers are included with every bag. If an afternoon thundershower pops up, we’re okay! Note the TCI Products Sequoia rack and exhaust clearance. TCI Products and Nelson-Rigg systems are very well matched, the optimal solution for our video and camping gear needs!

Nelson-Rigg bags have many utility features, including this zipper pouch!
Honda XR650R dual-sport motorcycle fully loaded for HD video filming at rural Nevada

We are still discovering the many design features of the Nelson-Rigg luggage! Tough Tri-Max nylon construction and heavy-duty zippers come with a lifetime warranty. Utility is evident everywhere in the Nelson-Rigg designs. At left, this pocket is just one of the many internal stowage features, providing a mini-office for video disks, writing utensiles and small tools. At right, the Honda XR650R is ready for work, both on- and off-pavement. Equipment like the TCI Products racks, engine protection and Nelson-Rigg luggage makes it possible for us to film HD video on the go! When traveling light, the TCI Products’ Borrego tail rack bolts directly in place of the Sequoia rack, providing an ample platform for a single, large tail bag!   For more details on TCI Products integrated motorcycle rack systems and engine protection:   TCI Products (Division of Turbo City) http://tciproductsusa.com Phone (714) 639-4933   For more details on Nelson-Rigg luggage and support accessories:   Nelson-Rigg http://www.nelsonrigg.com Phone (714) 850-1811

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