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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video How-to: Installing the Bestop PowerBoard Kit

by Moses Ludel

HD Video How-to: Bestop® PowerBoard® Installation on a New Ram Truck!

This HD video how-to shares the installation of a Bestop PowerBoard Kit on a new Ram 1500 4×4 truck…Getting into and out of your pickup can be easy with these automatic, drop-down running boards! 

(Open to full screen at 1080P for optimal viewing!)

PowerBoard by Bestop enhances function and appearance of this Ram 1500 4x4 pickup.

The Bestop PowerBoard™ kit offers easy entry and exit from a pickup truck. Whether your truck has been lifted or rides at stock height, these electric motor-powered boards provide a functional, attractive addition to any pickup. Available for a variety of later model light truck applications, the Bestop PowerBoard makes a functional and sensible upgrade.

Rugged link arms for Bestop PowerBoard

Rugged link assemblies support the Bestop PowerBoard and provide a 600 pound load limit per side! Designed for long use, the PowerBoard enhances the truck’s value and utility.

Durable electric 12V motors lift the PowerBoard link arms and boards.

Rugged electric motors and “factory” type wiring harnesses assure quality service and reliable performance when installed properly. Instructions detail the model applications and specific vehicle needs.

Rivet nuts for PowerBoard fit existing holes in the Ram truck body, a

Rivet Nut with special installation tool provides a unique way to attach bolts. The threaded nut insert fits into an existing body hole. Clearly, Chrysler and Ram truck designed this pickup truck to readily accept aftermarket accessories—like these powered running boards.

Bolts and washers fit the Rivet Nuts in the body.

This is the way bolts attach to the Rivet Nuts. The fit-up is similar to factory frame nuts. Attaching brackets to existing, painted frame holes, the Rivet Nuts make the Bestop PowerBoard kit a much easier install on this new Ram 1500 4×4 pickup!

'Posi-Taps' dramatically simplify the PowerBoard wiring splices.

Posi-Taps™ are unique, secure wire splices provided in the Bestop PowerBoard package. In just minutes, four wires were isolated by color code and socket. The Posi-Taps™, carefully installed, have a sharp point that cuts through insulation as the thimble tightens. We confirmed continuity with an ohmmeter. Each lead had complete circuit contact. 

Bestop PowerBoard gets signal from each door opening and closing.

The functionality of the Bestop PowerBoard kit is exceptional. Using individual signals, one for each door, the boards rise and set when a front or rear door opens. Left doors drop only the left board; the right doors drop only the right board. This minimizes current draw and extends motor life!

     If you need easier access to the cab of your truck or struggle with the effects from a lift kit, consider the Bestop PowerBoard solution. This is a valuable accessory that will provide years of utility and safety. See the HD video for details!

Bestop Trekstep and other quality products—visit the Bestop website!

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