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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: 2013 Bestop Media Run at Moab Jeep Safari

by Moses Ludel
HD Video: 2013 Bestop Media Run at Moab Jeep Safari!

The annual Moab Jeep Safari is a popular 4×4 event, and Bestop brings out its best products and hospitality! On the Bestop Media Run, the group caravanned through the ‘Fins-and-Things’ slickrock. Negotiating steep ascents and descents, the scenic run provided plenty of action. Join us in 1080P HD video on the slickrock at Moab, Utah!

Scenic view at Fins-and-Things access road
2013 Bestop Media Run at Moab

 There is every kind of viewing angle at Moab, Utah! In early spring, the mountains have snow, the slickrock is dry and an excellent traction surface with the right tires and axle devices. The day was overcast, rain possible—the Moab Jeep Safari weather was “normal” for springtime at Moab, Utah!

2013 Bestop run on slickrock at Fins-and-Things
2013 Bestop Jeep JK Wrangler on the slickrock at Moab

 Steep climbs were accessible without risk. Picking a safe line is critical, though. With a caravan and plenty of experienced drivers, the 4×4 route through Fins-and-Things offered great views and four-wheeling challenges! At right is one of the nicely equipped Jeep JK Wranglers with Bestop products.

2013 Bestop run at Moab with a Suzuki Samurai
2013 Bestop group at Fins-and-Things

Jeep 4x4s are not the only vehicles at the Moab Jeep Safari. 2013 featured a variety Jeep, vintage Bronco, Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki 4x4s—like this one at our Bestop Media Run! At right is a portion of the group, both media and Bestop folks included!

Safety First for Children:  Jeff Miller’s Custom-Built Seating System for the Kids!

  Jeff and Laura Miller drive the toughest trails in their Jeep 4x4s. The Millers are members of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado. Jeff guided this 2013 Bestop Moab Jeep Safari run, and both Laura and Jeff are well seasoned four-wheelers! Their children often ride along on these trips. For the kids’ safety, Jeff applied his engineering skills and designed a custom rack to support a pair of MasterCraft seats. See how Jeff and Laura protect their kids during the 2013 Moab Bestop Media Run—and other four-wheeling trips! 

4x4 racing harness for kids safety seats
MasterCraft seats form platform for safety

 Jeff fitted the seats to a custom tubular steel framework. The seats can pivot forward if necessary. The rear, upper straps anchor to the stout tube brace for the spare tire. Harnesses are racing grade—5-point design!

Seat backs anchored to solid cage member
Miller children harnessed and safe in full seats

The seats fit well inside the sturdy roll cage. Children are protected from all angles. These seats provide excellent bolster and surround support…In a jiffy, the kids buckled their full harnesses—like they do on regular four-wheeling runs with the family!

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