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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – CTEK Battery Chargers for Battery Maintenance, Restoration and Storage

by Moses Ludel
CTEK Battery Chargers for Battery Maintenance, Restoration and Storage

CTEK is the Swedish developer and manufacturer of premier battery chargers endorsed by World Class automotive and powersports brands. In this HD video how-to, learn why CTEK chargers offer the best protection against battery damage, how to properly store and protect the battery in an RV, 4×4, ATV/UTV or motorcycle, and the unique way to recondition and recover a sulphated or badly depleted battery.

CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 battery charger
CTEK chargers for automotive and powersports use

Batteries are often condemned as “defective” when the only issue is poor charging and lack of charge maintenance. Vehicles stored for long periods are especially vulnerable to damage from parasitic voltage loss. Increasing battery dependability and extending service life have made the CTEK chargers popular. The MUS 4.3 Polar automotive and 0.8 powersports units (shown at right) meet a wide range of vehicle applications and needs.

Purple Garage FJ40 on the Rubicon Trail
Tierra Del Sol and Jeep XJ Cherokee with full auxiliary lighting

Off-road and SUV 4x4s place a tremendous load on electrical systems. Trails like the Rubicon (left) take a huge toll on batteries from winching, use of auxiliary lighting and operating communications equipment. At right, a trail equipped Jeep XJ Cherokee at the 2014 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari weekend boasts a full compliment of auxiliary lighting. These accessories place loads on the alternator and the battery or dual-battery system. High amp aftermarket alternators are brutal on discharged batteries!

CTEK battrey chargers for powersports applications
CTEK chargers for powersports applications

Powersports vehicles have smaller batteries and set for long periods. The maintenance mode of the CTEK chargers is ideal for these applications. CTEK charger at right is ideal for sealed and unsealed powersports batteries with lead/acid architecture.

Note: CTEK chargers work with lead-acid batteries only, they are not designed for lithium or NiCad batteries at this time. Dual-sport conversions like our Honda XR650R (above left) with its Baja Designs’ NiCad battery pack require a charger designed for NiCad use.

Parasitic loss of voltage from automotive batteries
Battery depleted from setting for over four years

Parasitic loss of voltage is common.  At left, our Dodge Ram 3500 after exposure to a dusty environment.  This is a 10-year-old battery that has survived with a competitive brand maintenance charger used consistently in the winter. The CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 charger offers a full range of additional features, including the RECOND mode that will rejuvenate our dual truck batteries after a thorough cleaning of the battery cases. At right is our car hauler trailer winch battery that set for over four years without use. It is about to go through the CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 reconditioning process.

Older battery chargers and risk of AC ripple current
CTEK 4.3 Polar battery charger with RECOND mode

Modern sealed batteries cannot tolerate “current ripple”, the residue of unfiltered AC current that older battery chargers put out.  The charger at left has served well for decades but may not be suitable for use on modern sealed batteries.  Make sure you use the correct charger on your expensive Odyssey, Optimal or other sealed batteries. The CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 is simple to use and completely safe and appropriate for the popular sealed, modern lead/acid batteries that we use in our recreational vehicles.

Battery after RECOND with CTEK battery charger
Voltage restored after CTEK charger reconditioning

Our dead trailer winch battery was at 10.0 volts when first tested. CTEK’s RECOND mode brought the battery completely back to serviceable condition! Any sulphating or acid stratification has now been addressed. The battery passed each of the charger’s tests and finished at a healthy 13.27V reading. We have saved the cost of a new battery. The CTEK charger’s maintenance mode will now keep this battery ready for service. 

Product Summary of the CTEK Chargers

     A quality line of chargers, well made and nicely finished, the CTEK engineering and technology is exceptionally useful for off-road 4×4, OHV/powersports, motorcycle and utility truck applications. In environments that demand the most from batteries and hold the highest risks if the battery should fail, monitoring the battery condition and extending battery life prove essential. CTEK chargers can analyze, charge, maintain and even recondition these batteries. 

     The built-in test sequences and charging methodology are a failsafe means for monitoring the battery condition while assuring a full state of charge on start up after long periods of vehicle inactivity. (Full state of charge at start up, in itself, extends battery life!) Maintenance modes will enhance battery life by 2-3 times, making the CTEK chargers a cost-effective investment.

     Most impressive in our testing of the CTEK MUS Polar 4.3 charger is the RECOND mode. The results with our trailer winch battery were not only proof of the advanced technology that CTEK chargers offer, we could actually pay for a charger by restoring a costly battery that would otherwise need replacement!

For more details on CTEK products, visit:

http://www.ctek.com or http://www.smartercharger.com

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