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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Major Makeover

by Moses Ludel
4WD Mechanix Magazine’s 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Gets a Major Makeover!

The makeover dramatically changed the truck's profile!

     4WD Mechanix Magazine’s 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 has been a formidable workhorse since purchased new in October 2004. It’s first road trip was to the 2004 Off-Road Expo at Pomona, California. On October 8th-9th of 2011, the Ram truck returned to the Expo as a guest of B.F. Goodrich tires…

See information below and the following pages in this section for details on the complete makeover!

Made over Dodge Ram earns a guest spot at 2011 Off-Road Expo's B.F. Goodrich display! 

The 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 at the 2011 Off-Road Expo

     The Cummins-powered, Quad-Cab 4WD truck revealed a complete makeover! Stone stock until six weeks prior the 2011 show, the Ram 3500 boasted a 4″ height increase, using Mopar’s suspension lift package. The resulting change—including 35″ diameter tires— prompted a cascade of additional changes and upgrades.


List of makeover features on the signboard for the 2011 Off-Road Expo, Pomona, California.


It All Begins With Oversized Tires!


  The crowd that flocked to the BFG display area really liked the Dodge Ram truck! Six weeks prior to show time, the magazine’s 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 truck was still in factory trim. The only accessories were a pair of Mopar retractable running boards and a Mopar bed mat installed in 2005.


Not bad looking in totally stock form—six weeks before the 2011 Lucas Off-Road Expo!


     The demand for oversized tires, whether to gain additional trail traction or achieve a “look”, has made aftermarket lift packages very popular. In step with the trend, Chrysler Group’s Mopar Performance now offers suspension lift kits for the Dodge/Ram and Jeep 4WD models.


The need for a suspension lift centers around the use of oversized tires.


     Worth noting, our ’05 Dodge Ram has always delivered superior power, exceptional fuel efficiency and great utility. Admittedly, most owners like personalized improvements. In our case, the rationale is that larger 35″ diameter tires in load range ‘E’ would be better for carrying loads. (Would that argument work at your kitchen table?)


     Some confess that a lift makes the truck look better and more trendy! There are many reasons to lift a 4WD truck…


Mopar Accessories running boards have been an asset since the truck was purchased new. 


     Sticking with a 4-inch lift allows room for the tire change while maintaining reasonable ride height. This Ram 3500 has sported Mopar swing-up running boards since day one, so stepping in or out of the truck has never been an issue. Four inches of lift with these running boards makes sense.


Mopar running boards have been practical and highly stylish, virtually


     As with any lift kit, there are “trickle-down effects” and additional needs. In this series, the truck’s makeover centers around the decision to install a 4″ lift kit and 35″ tires. If you have similar plans for your Dodge/Ram truck or Jeep 4×4, consider the big picture: the full range of needs and requirements that accompany a suspension lift installation. 


     See the following pages for details!

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