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Halfway Club for Great Italian Food at Reno, Nevada

by Moses Ludel

Like other travelers, we enjoy a meal out. Casale’s Halfway Club has been a Reno and old U.S. Highway 40 landmark for 80 years. Family owned since 1937, the Halfway Club provides a friendly, welcoming stop for locals and travelers.  The traditional Italian restaurant and its classic bar take guests back to a time that puts a smile on everyone’s face!


Noted as Nevada’s oldest restaurant and run by the same family to this day, Halfway Club features great pasta (spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna dishes “to die for”) and homemade pizza that comes fresh out of the oven.

Have kids in your meal plans? No problem, this place is childproof and inviting for the entire family. You’ll feel at home, and the kids will, too…Lunch or casual dinner, pull into the gravel parking lot, come inside and enjoy a traditional “small town” dining experience. Don’t miss this place at 2501 East 4th Street, Reno, Nevada.  Open six days a week, closed Sundays…

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