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4WD Mechanix Tests Multi Mit Gloves

by Moses Ludel

In this independent product evaluation, Moses Ludel tests the Multi Mit gloves on a cold January day at northern Nevada. Frigid ice and snow outside the doors and the heat turned off, the shop temperature is 43-degrees F. Under these test conditions, close-up, bare fingered work can be challenging. In this HD video, see how these gloves provide dexterity, flexibility and sensible knuckle and hand protection.


Multi Mit’s folding finger tips for thumb, index and middle fingers roll back and expose bare fingers.  This provides the dexterity needed for handheld devices, precision tools, phones and work with small parts. Closed up, the fingers and hands are fully protected.

Finger caps roll back and stay in place with Velcro pads.  Palms are reinforced for strength and hand protection. Well conceived and made, these are the work gloves that provide an alternative to fragile nitrile rubber and bulkier gloves.  Multi Mit works well when temperatures are reasonable and projects do not involve soaking in oil, old grease, cleaning solvents or coolant.  These work gloves meet a variety of needs, especially knuckle protection when you need it!

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Deryk January 16, 2017 - 7:44 am

I’ve also used these gloves in cold weather applications where dexterity is paramount. Excellent results.


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