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2018 SEMA Show New Products

by Moses Ludel

Latest Products and Tools for 4×4 Enthusiasts and Fabricators

The New Products Showcase at the 2018 SEMA Show drew a heavy flow of traffic. On display were the newest, most innovative performance parts, utility products and specialty niche tools. In the HD video tour, discover the latest high performance 4×4, UTV, Jeep®, Ram, Cummins, Duramax diesel, drive axle and automatic transmission products. See how classic and contemporary muscle cars achieve unimaginable horsepower levels. Whether for hardcore off-road or asphalt use, these are the latest products in each of the SEMA vehicle categories!

This Curt Echo™ Brake Control can be set up with a cell phone and app.
Bluetooth is now a standard connectivity tool. An app can set up this breakthrough Echo™ Brake Control from Curt. Once guesswork and haphazard adjustments, brake control can now be adjusted from a cell phone!

Rapid aftermarket growth centers around connectivity, electronic upgrades and advanced engine and powertrain performance upgrades. Technology has reached new heights with the highest horsepower crate motors ever. The growing market in niche fabrication tools targets ways to protect expensive parts and make our work easier.

This fabrication table drew professional weldors and fabricators. Fixtures assure stable tack and finish welds, keeping pieces aligned and squared up. This is the ultimate fixturing method for quickly producing custom metal products. Peg and notch rows system is precise and easy to set up.

We always need tools, and niche tools make engine, powertrain, chassis, steering system and axle work easier and more precise. Necessity leads to tool ideas, and proper marketing assures their success. SEMA provides an optimal vantage for sharing these special new products with retailers and the consumer community.

Modern fasteners are now tightened by “torque angle” or degrees of rotation after a preliminary, base torque setting. Rod bolts and other critical hardware stretch in service, which requires their replacement. Reusing a stretched bolt will compromise the torque angle setting and make clamping force unreliable. This ARP digital specialty tool accurately measures bolt length and stretch to determine the normal amount of stretch and whether a bolt needs replacement. The integrity of fasteners can be compared to a base (new) standard. Engine, transmission, axle and chassis builders will benefit from this tool.

Crate motors were once Mr. Goodwrench, Mopar or FoMoCo rebuilt long blocks for repair and renewal of stock engines. Today, the Big Three offer the LT5 (Chevrolet), Coyote 5.0L (Ford) and Mopar Hemi assemblies. Crate motors can be as complete as a Corvette engine that is ready for installation on the Bowling Green assembly line.

Corvette LT5 crate motor available from Chevrolet
One look at this Corvette LT5 “crate motor” and it’s clear how these engines produce 755 horsepower! The throttle body and induction system rival a commercial diesel engine! MSRP at nearly $20,000 (US), this engine would be optimal for a restomod ‘sixties Corvette Stingray or a classic muscle car.

Without bucking crowds or getting elbowed while filming, sit back and enjoy the HD video tour. See the scores of remarkable products destined to make 2018/2019 a high performance benchmark!

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