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2017 SEMA Show New Products Breakfast

by Moses Ludel

Companies of every size compete for coveted SEMA Show new products awards.  For smaller companies, a new concept may be their first product, with personal savings, sweat equity and an unwavering belief in the design.  Larger companies may be expanding on their designs and advanced engineering.  Each new product entry is judged on its own merits, without bias or concern for the company’s assets.

The New Products Breakfast celebrates the automotive aftermarket industry and its founders’ goals.  Each year, award winners come from the wide ranks of business and aftermarket automotive interests.  This promotional support is the traditional role of the SEMA organization.    The new products award nominees and winners break bread at this breakfast each year, essentially launching the SEMA Show.


4WD Mechanix Magazine is bent on serving the needs of small shop and DIY enthusiasts who work under real world conditions.  Items like the Race Ramps conjure images of safe and stable work beneath a vehicle in limited workspace.  The High Articulating Ramps are especially appealing for lifted trucks and light 4x4s!

This Eagle high wheel jack offers a rolling platform—even in dirt!  Quickly spotted as an off-road asset, the judges awarded this innovative new jack a SEMA Award for 2017.  Imagine the many uses afforded by this jack; the manufacturer shares that the assembly will easily meet its maximum load rating.


You never have too many tools!  Niche, innovative tools abound at the SEMA New Products Showcase.  This is where new and established manufacturers have the opportunity to display their latest products before the entire SEMA crowd.  The New Products Showcase grows larger every year and hosted over 3,000 products this year!


Specialty tools fit specific applications and challenges.  The chassis dolly at right looks basic enough yet fills a vital shop need at an affordable price point!

These large frame Superwinch EXP platforms were launched at the 2017 SEMA Show.  See the feature video of the Superwinch booth and interview with Scott Salmon, Vice President of Marketing!

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