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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video Exclusive: 2011 Reno Motorsports Off-Road Expo

by Moses Ludel

2011 Reno Expo banner

Lockett Show’s Popular 2011 Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo!

Reno, Nevada, March 2011—The Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo signals the launch of northern Nevada’s four-wheel drive season. As Jeep 4WD enthusiasts ready for the Sierra trails and desert treks, the Off-Road Motorsports Expo showcases the latest products and services that keep our 4WD rigs on trail. Displays included race and trail 4x4s that advance the technology, performance and trail equipment used by Jeep 4WD enthusiasts.

Al Lockett

Al Lockett (right) and David Rainey (left) discuss four-wheeling plans for the coming season. Last summer, the 4WD Mechanix Magazine XJ Cherokee accompanied these two hardcore wheelers on the Camp Wamp transportation crew, followed by a trek to Gold Lake—the hard way! Al Lockett did an exceptional job organizing this year’s Reno Off-Road Expo, providing a tremendous service to the regional 4WD community!

Sierra 4x4 Trailers

Chris Dickerson, owner of Sierra 4×4 Trailers, talked nonstop with visitors about his quality trailers. Locally built to the highest standards, Chris caught my attention! (To see the full-length video interview at the “Aftermarket Products for Jeep 4WDs” section, click here!)

Al Lockett is an avid Jeep four-wheeler—he is also the promoter of the Reno Off-Road Expo. This year’s event became a gala affair, as Lockett Shows organized three distinct events under the roof of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

Del Albright

Del Albright makes every major event in the Sierra region. He represents Cal Four-Wheel and the Blue Ribbon Coalition, tirelessly working at preserving trail access. Last summer, Del and I shared the trail at the Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event. We supported vets and their sacrifices, honoring their service to our country.

This year’s Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo met every vendor and spectator need! For the four-wheel drive crowd, there were new products, industry specialists and members of the local four-wheel drive clubs on hand. Display vehicles and trailers provided a major draw. The latest 4WD equipment and upgrades were the buzz.

Bass fishing tips from a pro!

Entertainment went nonstop, from professional bass fishing tips to Splash Dog and Pug competitions. Add to that the three exhibitions per day by Tommi Ahvala, World Champion trials motorcyclist. (To see the video of Tommi Ahvala’s complete show, click here!)

Racing community

Missed the show? Catch the excitement in the video! See why Reno, Nevada, and the Reno Off-Road Expo should be on your calendar for next year! See the video (below) and join us in 2012…

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