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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – The Latest Jeep Models

by Moses Ludel
Newest Jeep® Models!

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The latest Jeep® 4WD is always exciting. Since 1945, when Willys transformed the MB military model into a postwar CJ-2A workhorse, more than four generations of enthusiasts have flocked to dealerships to pore over the newest Jeep 4WD model offerings.

CJ-2A showing striking likeness to the MB WWII Jeep

WWII icon, the MB Jeep 4x4

Some years, changes are minimal, and buying a new Jeep is simply a matter of timing. At other points in Jeep history, however, model changes have been sweeping, bringing all-new technology or even radical body style changeovers to this iconic line of utility and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Jeep CJ running down parallel line to the full-size Wagoneer

Despite the dramatic gains in technology and creature comforts over the last 70 years, the Jeep lineup has always included several flat-paneled, 4WD utility vehicles. For many years, this was the Willys Station Wagon, Pickup and CJ lines. Long after the Wagoneer and J-trucks emerged, the CJ evolved into three distinct iterations of Jeep Wranglers.

While the YJ departed somewhat lightly from the CJ design, the TJ and later JK Wranglers took the spartan Jeep to new levels of ride quality and on-road handling. Traditional backcountry prowess and tractability have been a constant with each of these Jeep 4×4 models.

Today, many Jeep buyers opt for the comfort and luxury options of the Grand Cherokee. Others seek the utility and economy of a Liberty, the Compass or a Patriot. Despite these distinctions, owners and first-time Jeep buyers continue to identify with the iconic, flat-paneled 4x4s of yesteryear!

Today is no different than 1945 for Jeep 4WD buyers longing for overland adventure or safe, fun family travel. In this section of the magazine, you will find the latest Jeep offerings, thorough testing and ongoing evaluations of Jeep technology.

2012 Jeep JK Wrangler on the road!

While today’s vehicles reach price levels unimagined in the Willys, Kaiser or AMC/Jeep eras, there is no greater bang for your money than a Jeep 4WD…See why in this section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine!

'Roughing it' has never been this easy!

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