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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Ram Trucks: Ultimate Haulers

by Moses Ludel

Dodge/Ram Trucks: The Ultimate Haulers!

2011 Ram Power Wagon scales Poison Spider Mesa at Moab!

The Dodge Ram and contemporary Ram trucks have considerable history. They deliver exceptional payloads over time. Our multipurpose hauler of choice is a Ram 3500 4WD with Quad-Cab and the Cummins diesel engine. Many 4WD Mechanix Magazine readers own Ram trucks. These trucks have one thing in common: the ability to deliver superior performance and reliability over time!

This section of the magazine features in-depth coverage of Dodge and Ram truck needs. See the features on the following pages, including extensive coverage of the magazine’s own HD3500 4WD Cummins Quad-Cab hauler makeover!

Trailering with the Ram trucks and setting up the load!

For the Jeep family with a trail 4×4, a Ram hauler can provide safe, efficient towing capability for reaching the trailhead. Some families find that the Power Wagon provides both hauling ability and a means for performing trail duty when called upon to do so.

Whether you are new to trailering or have a background of toting trailers and car haulers, the Ram line can provide the right tow rig. In this section of the magazine, Ram trucks get tested and reviewed, and the reader/viewers get the results. I have trailered and flat-towed Jeep 4x4s to trailheads since 1969. When it comes to ride quality, ease of navigation, performance and overall comfort, newer Dodge/Ram and Ram trucks have all other makes beat.

Jeep loaded and ready for the long trip!

Expect a thorough discussion of trailer towing (including safely tying a Jeep 4WD to a trailer deck) and how to maximize fuel efficiency. Are you curious about how to get 24 MPG out of a stock Dodge/Ram diesel 3500 that weighs 8,800 pounds (with its complement of ‘makeover’ accessories and no load)? Stay tuned and enjoy the features in this section!

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