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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Mopar TechAuthority: The OEM Jeep Technical Resource

by Moses Ludel

Mopar TechAuthority II

Mopar® Provides the Global ‘TechAuthority II’ Website!

     As a Jeep technical professional and author of the bestselling Jeep® Owner’s Bible™ and two Jeep® CJ Rebuilder’s Manuals (each from Bentley Publishers), I value Mopar technical resources! The internet is rife with information; however, there is only one Jeep® and Dodge-Ram “factory” information source—Mopar TechAuthority!..Whether I am rebuilding, restoring, modifying, maintaining or writing about Jeep® 4WD or Dodge Ram vehicles, the first choice for service information is a Mopar® service manual. Each of my Jeep® books has earned a Mopar part number. Why? Because my research reflects the reliable, detailed information found in Mopar® manuals and service guidelines…If you value factory, dealership-level service information and professional technical data, consider a Mopar® TechAuthority II website subscription. Put Mopar® TechAuthority™ on your “Favorites” list!

—Moses Ludel

Service work by the book

Whether writing a Jeep® book or plying a rock-strewn trail, my 4×4 projects must be reliable. For rebuilding or describing this New Process 231 transfer case, I depend on Mopar service details!

     Whether you own a 4×4 shop, prep your own Jeep 4WD for off-road trails, own or service Dodge or Ram trucks and trailer pullers, or simply want the best information to service your Jeep, Dodge-Ram and other Chrysler Group vehicles, TechAuthority delivers the professional, primary information you need!

     TechAuthority.com provides factory service, diagnostic, wiring and training information. You can even find diagnostic tools for 1981 and later model Chrysler Group vehicles! The same information that Chrysler Group, LLC, dealerships rely upon is now available to other service technicians and independent shops—and do-it-yourself Jeep 4WD and Dodge Ram mechanics! 

TechAuthority information is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for Worldwide use across languages!

Bookcase (1)

Books on shelf (1)

My Jeep library has grown steadily since the ‘sixties! Willys, Kaiser, AMC and Mopar® shop manuals and service literature line my office bookshelves. These manuals have contributed to the success of my Jeep® books (lower shelf, left). Mopar® service information continues to play a large role in my work, including this magazine! Today, thanks to Mopar® TechAuthority II online, Chrysler Group service manuals are available in print, CD and instantly via electronic access—right to your computer screen!

AX-15 rebuild underway

There is a precise sequence to assembling an AX15 Jeep transmission. You will not find color-illustrated, AX15 step-by-step rebuilding details in a forum chat! You will not get technical information by swapping stories around a campfire…You will get these details at this website! (See my209-step article on the AX15 rebuild.)

My professional work consistently follows Mopar service procedures described within Mopar service manuals and technical products. Make Mopar your resource, too! Ifyou want factory-level information for your Jeep® 4WD, Dodge-Ram truck or other Chrysler Group vehicles, TechAuthority II provides a range of products:

Owner Manuals: The Owner Manual comes in your vehicle’s glove box. Sometimes this booklet is missing when you buy a pre-owned Jeep—or the original book may have disappeared last weekend at that remote campsite! The Owner Manuals for Chrysler Group vehicles have useful information, including how to start and operate your vehicle, shift the transfer case or tow your Jeep properly; how to deal with a variety of emergencies, how to perform basic maintenance procedures and use your vehicle safely. You’ll find details like the recommended oil (and other vital fluids), fuel tank capacity, clock and radio settings, OEM tire information and how to operate specific options that may be on your vehicle.

Note: TechAuthority even provides the Owner Manuals in flip-book version online!

Body Repair Manuals: These comprehensive online manuals provide the information that professional body repair technicians use when repairing Chrysler Group vehicles. The vehicle-specific manuals include a complete working knowledge of each vehicle’s structure—written in straightforward language with illustrations, diagrams and charts. With this comprehensive service information, the professional technician can diagnose, troubleshoot, maintain, service and repair a Jeep or other Chrysler Group vehicles. I nformation is vehicle-specific and includes:

• Wiring diagrams detailing circuit schematics and more!

• Repair procedures highlighting step-by-step removal and installation instructions for vehicle components

• Diagnostic procedures to aid in the diagnosis of electrical and mechanical systems, Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes (DTCs), and symptom-based concerns

Chrysler’s College Automotive Program (CAP)

The automotive industry is in the midst of major changes and fast growing opportunities! New designs, advancing technology, hybrids and more fuel-efficient vehicles each influence a rapidly changing industry. The TechAuthority II Website provides CAP information, including:

· How your college can apply

· Colleges that participate—and contacts

· Admission requirements

· Frequently asked questions and details!

Training and Updates

TechAuthority.com can provide subscribers with Web-based training, the ability to download Flash files for updating Controllers, and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs). For each of these services and more, visit the TechAuthority.com website!

Note—TechAuthority II website services are available via subscription. See details and fees at: TechAuthority.com!

4.0L with AX-15 attached

Keep your Jeep 4WD safe and reliable—both on the highway and along remote trails! The Mopar TechAuthority II Website meets the technical needs of today’s Jeep owners and repair shops.

TechAuthority bookmarik

Join the professionals who rely on Mopar® technical resources and original, OEM service information from Mopar®!

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