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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: 2012 VORRA USA 500 Pit Action!

by Moses Ludel
HD Video Coverage: 2012 VORRA USA 500 Race—See the Intense Pit Action!

In these two HD videos, see the issues that develop under the stress and load of desert racing…Watch self-sufficient, remote desert pit crews think fast and work hard to keep race cars in a competitive position, with the highest likelihood of finishing the race!

These HD videos can be viewed at 1080P quality and full-screen mode—if you have enough bandwidth!

 Ever wonder who keeps these race cars rolling? Watch the behind-the-scene efforts of well rehearsed, organized pit crews! See the fast-paced action of the Pro Pit and others.

All front and center!

Arguably, desert races get won or lost at the check point pits…In this HD video coverage, see the action of the ‘Pro Pit’ and others, as they keep race cars rolling during a grueling, 500-mile race!

'Pro Pit' from Yerington, Nevada, contracts with VORRA racers.

     The Pro Pit out of Yerington, Nevada, contracts with racers at VORRA events. For a reasonable, pre-paid fee per race car, the Pro Pit makes a concerted effort to keep the team’s car in the race. With skills honed at the Baja 1000, the Pro Pit works hard for teams that compete at these regional VORRA events.

Tires are an obvious necessity.

While tires are a mainstay for pit crews, the Pro Pit staff also applies years of wrenching experience to repairing these race vehicles.

Racers park spare tires and parts at the Pro Pit trailer.

     Pro Pit organizes the tires and has them ready for designated vehicles. Logistics is a large part of pit crew work. Organizational skills can make or break a racing effort. For the smaller team, a professionally based crew like Pro Pit offers the best prospect for finishing the race.

On the radio—frequently!

Here, Brenda with the Pro Pit listens carefully to a race team’s plea for tires. On its very first lap, the car has two flat tires—15 miles from the check point pit! Every team matters to the Pro Pit. The crew is impartial and dedicated to keeping all contracted racers in position.

Races won or lost at the pits!

     Cars roll in for assistance, and the Pro Pit crew jumps to the task at hand. This car has shifter problems, and tires need attention, too. Dehydration is also a risk in desert racing, and the navigator’s water pack has broken. Drivers and cars need support at the pits!

Ready to roll again!

     This team is grateful for the repairs and quick service. Refreshed briefly and ready to tackle more desert, their car is about to roll out…

Private crews and home-based remedies

     Often, the crew consists of support from friends and fellow enthusiasts. This car’s pit is home-based and quite able. They work hard to re-tire and fuel the car, getting it back on the course in minutes!

See the fast-paced action in the HD videos!

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