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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Book Reviews

by Moses Ludel
Book Reviews

by Moses Ludel

3rd Edition of the bestselling Jeep Owner's Bible by Moses Ludel (Bentley Publishers)

The first reviews of the Jeep® Owner’s Bible (Bentley Publishers) came out in 1992. I remember poring over comments and hanging on every word…This bestselling book is now in its Third Edition.

     It means a great deal to an author when reviewers discover the intent of a work. The success of my Jeep® Owner’s Bible and six additional works owes much to the reviewers who first read these books.

     As the publisher at 4WD Mechanix©  Magazine, I enthusiastically support other authors and offer this review section. The aim is to selectively review books of value. My emphasis is positive and intended to promote useful, responsible works by both new and veteran authors. Enjoy these reads!—Moses Ludel


Mina OHV Trails by Tom Willis

   Mina OHV Trails by Tom Willis, 80-pages, spiral bound.

     Who ever heard of Mina, Nevada? If you’re a four-wheeler, ATV, UTV or dirt motorcycle rider, listen up…Thanks to Tom Willis, we’re headed for Mina soon!

Description of the trails and sights at Mina, Nevada 

     Tom Willis, a veteran travel and history writer on places like Death Valley, is also an avid four-wheeler and ATV rider. In his comprehensive book, Mina OHV Trails, Tom Willis takes backcountry enthusiasts and ghost town explorers to some of Western Nevada’s most remote historical sites and mining districts.

Mining camps make exciting 4WD, ATV, UTV and dirt bike destinations!

     Located on U.S. Highway 95 between Hawthorne and Tonopah, Mina offers a base for off-pavement adventure, exploring and immersing yourself or your family in a piece of Western mining history.

     One access to Mina is via Bishop, California. (Take Montgomery Pass and U.S. Highway 6 to U.S. Highway 95.) Others reach the area from Northern California and Nevada via U.S. Highway 95.

Topo maps make Mina OHV Trails a valuable resource.

     Well-written, detailed and responsible, Mina OHV Trails includes topographical maps, descriptions of sites, sensible safety suggestions plus ‘Tread Lightly’ tips that can help keep this fascinating and remote country accessible for generations. Regardless of your transportation mode, whether you view mining camps and wild burros as a driving and riding destination or worth a hike up hillsides and canyons, Tom Willis has mapped out this area’s peak attractions.

Tom Willis and the Mina OHV Trails

     Discover Mina, Nevada, and the reasons many of us explore old mining towns and ghost camps with our Jeep 4x4s, ATVs or off-highway motorcycles. Along the way, meet the colorful and tough folks who still seek out the mineral riches in “them there hills”!

For more details, contact:

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Fernley, Nevada 89408

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