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Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Aftermarket Products for Dodge and Ram Trucks

by Moses Ludel
Dodge Ram Truck Upgrades for Towing, Performance and Fuel Economy!

Major makeover has the '05 Ram 3500 ready for new challenges!

     Well-engineered and substantially built, Dodge/Ram trucks are indisputably the best haulers in the light truck market. Showroom stock, these trucks deliver exceptional service and performance.

If you want reviews and insight into products available for Dodge/Ram trucks, see additional coverage and pages within this section of the magazine. See the variety of HD video coverage and how-to at the 4WD Mechanix Video Network!

Dawn start for tow duty with our '05 Dodge Ram 3500

     The magazine’s 2005 Ram 3500 4WD Quad-Cab with Cummins power has been our best all-around hauler to date. In stock form, the 5.9L Cummins diesel recently topped 25 mpg (without a load), consistently getting 22-24 mpg in unloaded mode at highway cruise speeds. (“Unloaded” in this case still means a 7,800-pound curb weight!) Toting the XJ Cherokee on the car hauling trailer, the Dodge gets 17-18 mpg on Far West interstates at posted speeds.

In stock, original form, this truck got preventive care. Regular tire rotation led to 92,000 miles of life from the OEM B.F. Goodrich tires!

     Original equipment B.F. Goodrich tires lasted 92,000 miles. The truck got routine, preventive maintenance. At 100,000 miles, the only work beyond maintenance was the 48RE upgrade discussed at the “Automatic Transmission Workshop” (a recommended aftermarket upgrade with Sonnax parts). This has been a great truck!

Time for shock replacement led to Mopar suspension lift installation.

     At 100K miles, even this truck needed some attention. Given the choice of OE shock absorbers versus aftermarket suspension options, there was room for improvement. Mopar offers factory-level upgrades, and the aftermarket is rife with additional choices.

     Given the truck’s magazine visibility, the timing seemed right for a “makeover”. The truck’s looks and performance could each be enhanced by an aftermarket suspension lift installation…and oversized tires.

OE and Aftermarket

     When it comes to original equipment replacement parts, our first choice is Mopar or Mopar Performance. If factory upgrades are available, we consider them.

Mopar Accessories running boards have delivered flawless service since the '05 truck was new! 

     In today’s aftermarket, many reputable, proven manufacturers offer innovative, high quality products—often upgrades from the truck’s original equipment. These products can improve our Dodge and Ram trucks.

Mopar Accessories are always our first consideration.

     This section of the magazine focuses on the aftermarket innovations, performance gains and reliability upgrades for our Dodge and Ram trucks. Towing is a key focus in the Ram hauler world, so any upgrades or enhancements take trailering into account.

A Warn Industries M12000 winch expands the utility and service range of the Ram trucks.

     If your Dodge or Ram truck can benefit from better performance, more fuel efficiency, improved handling or comfort, this section of the magazine targets your interests. Take advantage of the research, testing and evaluation that goes into each of our real world projects and discoveries!

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